Vision and mission

Croatia –promoter of and leader in sustainable development in the European Union.

To build an environmentally sustainable society based on resource efficiency and low-carbon development.


  1. To protect the environment

  • Improve preconditions for prevention of all types of environmental pollution, for monitoring the status of environmental components, for inclusion of environmental protection into other sectoral policies, for environmental control and practices
  • Ensure preconditions for climate change adaptation and mitigation and ozone layer protection
  • Ensure preconditions for establishment of sustainable waste management
  • Improve the state of environment through effective implementation of inspectional supervision

   2. Protected and preserved nature

  • Provided legislative and institutional framework for implementation of nature preservation mechanisms
  • Ensured favourable status of species and habitat conservation
  • Strengthened system for management of national parks and nature parks
  • Strengthened control system in nature protection

   3. Developed system for monitoring of weather, climate and environment

  • Ensured support for sustainable development, security, climate change adaptation and management of risks from natural and environmental accidents and disasters
  • Management of environmental data and information

   4. Sustainable development of water management

  • Achievement and preservation of favourable status of waters
  • Development of an irrigation system and protection from the adverse effects of water

   5. Development and stimulation of the economy through strengthening of the energy system and hydrocarbon management

  • Development of the energy system and management of raw materials